Infantino to Contest in FIFA Presidential Election

FIFA Presidential Election

There are lots twists and turns happening in the world of football, and recently, there was a kind of shock news for football fans when Gianni Infantino, UEFA General Secretary told that he will contest for the FIFA presidential election. The announcement from Infantino has shaken the strong of hope of Michel Platini.
Infantino, a multilingual lawyer from Swiss, has been the general secretary of UEFA since 2009, entered the election contest with the full support of the UEFA’s executive committee. The announcement would have put Platini in an uncomfortable position. Right now, Platini is serving a ban of 90-days for his alleged illegal money transaction.
UEFA expressed its support to Infantanio by saying that he has all the qualities to become a president of the organization.
Another major setback for Platini is FIFA’s electoral committee will check the background and history of all the candidates, which means Platini’s chances of standing in the election, would be canceled due to his current ban. Between, Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim al Khalifa, an Asian football chief announced that he will contest the election.