Mike Tyson Backs Donald Trump

Mike Tyson Backs

Sports persons make news on both on and off the field. Mike Tyson, a world famous former boxer has made news by entering the political arena. The boxing champion said that he is going to support Donald Trump for the upcoming the US presidential election that is to be held in the year 2016. Donald Trump is one of the popular billionaires in the US. He had played various roles such as television personality, real estate developer, business author and many more. At one time, Trump was playing the role of financial advisor to Tyson, and he also hosted the match Tyson vs. Michael Spinks.
While issuing the endorsement on late Monday, Tyson said that he wanted a business-minded commander to become a President of US in the future after Barrack Obama. As soon Mike’s endorsement, Trump’s publicity increased rapidly on the Internet. Donald Trump thanked Mike Tyson for his support.
Mike Tyson is known for various holding various records with respect to boxing game. He has also been involved in various controversies outside the sports as well. Only time can answer whether Mike’s endorsement can really help Donald Trump to win the US Presidential race.