Pelicans Vs Warriors: Curry Scores 40

Pelicans Vs Warriors

The 2015-16 NBA season got off to a colorful start with Stephen Curry being the first MVP to score 40+ points on an opening night. The Golden State Warriors beat the New Orleans Pelicans 111-95. The evening was in the honor of Golden State where the players were given 2014-15 championship rings at the opening ceremony. During the last year win, The Warriors had to go without Coach Steve Kerr. Though he attended the ring ceremony and went back to rest as he suffered from back injury. The team was coached by his assistant Luke Walton.

Curry was the star attraction with 40 points, six rebounds, and seven assists. During the first quarter, Warriors excited the crowd as Curry hit 43 points. This helped them raise the championship. In the excitement, Curry bumped his body with the teammates pushing them to the floor. This was the same reaction fans witnessed four months ago. Curry went on to score 40 points that took Golden State Warriors to a thumping victory of 111-95 on Tuesday night leave the New Orleans Pelicans high and dry. It is worth a mention here that it is his 10th in his career where he scored a 40 point game.

The team held the championship banner in a detailed pregame ceremony that was nothing short of glitz and glamour. The ceremony saw fireworks and glow sticks. The match was nothing short of excitement and Curry was the highlight of the game. During the game, he shot 14 of 26 straight from the field that includes 5-of-12 from three. Though the Pelicans were short of Jrue Holiday, who was kept on rest, Omer Asik who suffers a calf strain, Tyreke Evans called off for a knee injury and Norris Cole down with ankle sprain. This was the best every season opener game that kept the audience on the toes.