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The Philippines affected by Typhoon Lando in Indonesia

Typhoon Lando in Indonesia

Natural disasters have significantly increased these days, affecting the livelihood of the people in many ways. The recent news is that smoke and haze (smaze) from Indonesia has been brought to the Indonesia due to the Typhoon Lando. This typhoon has strong wind that made the smaze hit the Indonesia, thereby causing more havoc than before. The smaze first arrived at Puerto Princesa, Palawan and thickened slowly. Despite this, the authority said there is no need to cancel flights, and there is no need for the citizens to wear a protective mask.
The smaze has also arrived at Ormoc, Leyte and people and travelers are under huge risk of getting health problems. Flight operations in Tagbiliran airport in Bohol became normal after the conditions improved. However, the smaze is still seen in Mount Maribojoc and Panglao Island.
Though Gensan is back to normal, the number of people visiting the doctors for check ups has increased. Most patients are babies, who experienced a cough and cold, and the stock of medicines and nebulizers are decreasing. The Government has been actively helping people affected by the smaze. Various governmental agencies and authorities are coordinating with each other to tackle this situation.
Department of Health (DOH) announced that people with conditions like cardiovascular disease and asthma should stay inside the home.

Preparation for Parking Space for Space Taxis in Underway

Space Taxis in Underway

preparation of parking space for commercial space taxis. Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly, who are the flight engineer and station commander respectively, had their first spacewalk when they left the airlock of the station around 8:30 AM Eastern time. NASA is planning to outfit the station with new berthing slips by the year end in order to provide parking space for commercial space taxis owned by Space Exploration Technologies and Boeing.
The first docking adapter went lost in first cargo, which was a considerable setback. However, this does not make NASA from losing its hope, and it is firm on readying the docking ports before the two companies start to test its flight.
The space station is jointly owned by 15 countries and has been continuously supervised by cosmonauts and astronauts for 15 years.