South China Sea Situation Intensifies As Both Naval Chiefs To Discuss The Issue

South China Sea Situation Intensifies

Tension prevails in the South China Sea with talks on to solve the dispute between the US and China in the disputed waterway. In connection with this issue, US Chief of naval operations Admiral John Richardson and his Admiral Wu Shengli, the Chinese Admiral will be holding a video conference on Thursday says US official. The meeting will be with regard to the operations in the South China Sea and the naval ties between the two countries. Already two such video conferences were conducted in this regard, and this will be the third as far as the interaction between the two naval chiefs is concerned.

On Tuesday, a guided missile destroyer was spotted within 12 nautical miles of Spratly archipelago, a manmade island. Beijing informed the US was warned of the warship and also informed the US ambassador on this issue. The route is one of the busiest sea routes which China claims that the US challenges. The two countries are not in favor of a military conflict yet the interest of both the parties is vested in the South China Sea region informs Ni Lexiong, a naval expert at the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. Yet the problem is which side would back down.

China Daily newspaper has it that Admiral Harry Harris, commander of US forces in the Pacific will visit Beijing next week, yet the US embassy denied commenting on the visit. The activities of the Chinese using bulldozers and dredges to create a sand wall in the South China Sea have come under criticism by Harris. Chinese Naval and coast guard activities are high at the South China Sea especially for patrolling and training purposes. The Chinese media reports that guided missile destroyer flotilla was seen conducting training exercise using anti-aircraft firing as well as firing on the shore in the night.

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